Gender Equality Plan


Gender inclusive institutional culture


To embed gender equality as a key and cross-cutting principle of the organization and consolidate an institutional culture that is sensitive to gender equality and intolerant to discrimination based on gender.

Training on the inclusion of gender dimension within the ICM

Measure 6.1

The training allows the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, and favours adaptation and retraining in a changed environment. A general understanding about gender issues must be created and shared in order to achieve institutional change aligned with gender equality. All staff should go through an induction process, which would make them feel familiar with gender related policies and services.

The development of gender competence aims at improving the staff’s knowledge and skills to deal with gender equality issues. With this objective, it is necessary a tailor-made training for the different target audiences, taking into account their requirements. The objective of these actions is to acquire necessary and useful practical skills to guarantee the application of the principle of equality and non-discrimination, as well as to foster gender mainstreaming in the different areas of work.

Main actions:

Increasing gender awareness: making women researchers visible

Measure 6.2

Increasing the visibility and recognition of women working in science at the ICM and contributing to eliminate stereotyped images of women and science is a primary goal. It is crucial to break the male-science binomial and to position women, on an equal basis, as referents of scientific research in the public sphere and the collective culture.

The above goal is emphasized by the fact that the inclusion of the gender dimension in research increases the social relevance of the resulting knowledge, technologies and innovations.

Main actions: