Gender Equality Plan


Inclusive and non-sexist communication


To implement across the organization the use of an inclusive and non-sexist communication that contributes to the visibility of women and to gender equality.

Promoting the use of inclusive and non-sexist communication

Measure 8.1

The use of sexist language in the work environment not only contributes to the perpetuation of gender roles, traditional gender stereotypes and turning invisible the presence of women but also favours the discrimination and inequalities among women and men.

Research communication contains at least three different communication levels and functions: institutional, scientific, and interpersonal; all three levels can be (or not) gender sensitive.
Gender sensitive language and images, as well as gender sensitive content, is an important precondition to achieving a more accurate, more respectful, and more consistent communication aligned with equality values.

Therefore, the ICM needs to have built-in capacity in the use of inclusive communication in all areas.

Main actions: